Recently we were invited to do an in-studio radio interview about our book Teaching Teens to Fail.  During our interview, the conversation turned the general state of youth ministry in general.   We’ve done many of these interviews and everyone we speak with tells us how important our training is, and that we are on to something great.  Ephesians 4:15 says, “Speak the Truth with Love”, and we speak this truth at all times – not for our own pride, but for the glory of the Lord.  Our COPEC formation training method is the most effective tool anywhere to keep teens actively engaged with their Catholic faith because it helps train parents and teens to do just that – Speak the Truth with Love!

It’s easy to attend a leadership seminar, or even a self-improvement workshop, but we have not found anyone other than us offering formation training for teens.  That makes our COPEC Training Method both cutting edge, and difficult to accept at first.  Any time something new comes into your life, it can be difficult to adapt to.  Imagine how the people reacted to the message Jesus was delivering when He spoke to crowds…His message was probably not well received by many people, as proof of the way He was treated and ultimately crucified.  Nevertheless, Jesus delivered the message He was sent to deliver because He was fulfilling His mission.

We feel we have also been given a mission to fulfill and we are dedicated to following the path God has set before us.  By God’s grace we have had almost a decade to sharpen our COPEC Training Method with the retreat training experiences we offer through Adventure Catholic.  We have failed miserably at times, and then come back to try a new approach.  The reason we are successful today is because we learned through our failure!  We teach this method to the parents and teens we train so they can practice this method at home.  In the end, we have been able to find a solution that can form and guarantee a successful future for the future leaders within the Catholic Church and in our society.

Yes, this will work for everybody.  However, it is important to caution parents desiring to try the COPEC Method that this method needs to be practiced over and over.  Attempting it one time will not offer the opportunity for change.  However, the COPEC Method will help you form your teen with a much more solid foundation.  But you, the parent, need to use it daily.  Keep referring back to our book to make sure you are following the steps of the COPEC Method to make sure you are doing it correctly.  If you haven’t already read it, get a copy of Teaching Teens to Fail and begin to use the system today.  It only works if you use it.

We are available to speak to groups of parents about how to implement our COPEC Method successfully in the home.  If you are interested in having us come speak with your group, please contact us for more information.  We also offer parish missions, youth missions, diocesan training, and school training.

If we speak to your group, everyone in the group will get a FREE BOOK to take home and learn how to use the COPEC Method.  Send us an Email for more information on how to receive a FREE book for your parish or diocese today!

COPEC Your Way To Success!