What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?  Growing up, my Mom used to say that whatever you were doing at the turn of Midnight on New Year’s Eve were the things you would be doing all year long.  She also said that whoever you were spending that time with on New Year’s Eve were the people you would be spending time with throughout the year.  Looking back and reflecting on my life, she has definitely been right about her advice.  New Year’s Eve seems to set a theme for the rest of the year for many people.  What are you planning for New Year’s Eve?  Who are you going to choose to spend time with?  What events are you planning on undertaking?

If you look at the fact that most New Year’s resolutions are broken or discarded completely by February 1st, what my Mom said sort of makes more sense.  Old habits are hard to break only because they are practiced for so long.  Many people wait until the first part of the year to set new resolutions for themselves, but choose to use poor judgement on December 31st.  Why wait until tomorrow to make a change in your life that you want to experience today?  If your heart is intent on changing, it is possible to make those changes immediately.  If you want to eat healthier foods, start right now.  If you want to drink less, start right now.  If you want to be on social media less, start right now.  If you want to pray more and get closer to God, start right now!  There is no time like the present to start changing your course for the better.

A New Year’s Blessing for all of you…

Father in Heaven, I pray that You keep us all safe and happy during out new year celebrations.  I ask You Father to send down Your blessings upon our family and friends for a safe, healthy, happy year in 2020.  I pray God, that You bless each of us with a closer relationship with You on a much deeper and more personal level than we have experienced in the past.  I thank you for the many blessings you have given us and for the many opportunities to choose the right paths in our lives to bring glory to Your Holy Name.  Lord, please bless us all with the wisdom and knowledge to make those choices correctly and to be strong enough to turn away from any and all temptations by the support of Your Holy Spirit.  I ask these things in the Name of the Father, and of Your Son Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen!