Many of you reading this will be searching for some sort of hope, courage, or inspiration in the turbulent times we are living in.  Well, count your blessings because you are in the right place!  The following is a letter from God:


My dear precious child,

I am so happy to hear from you again.  It has been quite some time since we last spoke.  In fact, the last time we spoke you were going through a situation you thought you would not be able to get out of…but as you know, that was not the case and you pulled through just fine.  I have been keeping watch over you constantly and making sure you are guarded.  You may not see Me there, and you may not be aware of My presence because you are focused on other things, but I AM there nonetheless.  I hope you will keep in touch more often, not only in times of trouble, but also when things seem to be going well.

I know that you are worried right now about the condition the world is in.  Please understand that even though you are currently walking through this temporary dark valley, I will always provide light to guide you.  Keep in mind that no amount of darkness has ever drowned out even the smallest bit of light.  So keep praying as you have been.  Everything will be ok.  Remember that I AM here to guide you through this valley, not to leave you stuck in the middle of it.  I AM your protector, I AM your strength, I AM your God, and I love you more than anything.

I haven’t brought you this far to leave you in the middle of a crisis, so don’t worry… just trust Me.  I have you covered.  This is not the first time the world has been in a crisis, and it will not be the last, but I have you covered and protected.  Trust that whatever you face will make you stronger in the end.  Put all your cares on Me and allow Me to show you My Greatness.  I suggest that you use this time to get to know Me better.  I know so much about you but I feel that you may not know Me as well as you think you do, otherwise you would not worry so much!  Read your bible, say a rosary, research the history of scriptures you don’t understand.  You have the time right now, so I hope you use it well and get to know Me on a personal level!  I want so badly for you to know Me the same way I know you.

I also want you to know something that you don’t seem to be aware of.  I never leave your side.  I am with you always, and there is nothing you can do to make Me stop loving you.  No matter how much time lapses between our talks, I AM always listening and always there for you…all you need to do is call Me.  I am never too busy for you.

Ok, that’s it for now.  Just relax and let Me do My thing!

I love you always…