Thank you to St. John the Evangelist Parish in Viera Florida for an excellent opportunity to present to the Men’s Ministry about the importance of Leadership.  We spoke about the depths of Psalm 23 being used as a template for becoming the type of leader God calls us all to be for our families.  The men attending were very engaged and were able to gain a deeper understanding and new perspective on what it means to lead others toward God.  We hope to return soon for another mission!

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Using our own unique training methods which are based on sacred Scripture, Adventure Catholic Formation & Leadership Training allows young people to reach inside themselves to discover, develop, and implement their God-given leadership qualities and style.  Adventure Catholic is a faith formation leadership training course for teens and parents.  Through our training system, teens and adults will learn to use Scripture as a foundation for their leadership style, as well as how to become more actively engaged with the Church.  Team building , problem solving, cognitive thinking, and self worth are just some of the benefits of attending an Adventure Catholic training experience.  Check out our retreat page!


Ellen Mongan - Contributor - CatholicMom.com

Dear Alan and Daryl,

Finally found the time to get away with God and a good book. He lead me to read, “Teaching Your Child To Fail, “ as my prayer time. What a wealth of knowledge! It was a simple message but once lived out; profound.

The basic steps to maturity are much like walking the plank with a team of teens. Sounds easy until you do it. The road to maturity  does not end until we see Jesus face to face.

Maturity is a willingness to never stop growing. This book it should be required reading for every adult on the road to maturity. It read as a handbook for how to parent; while at the same time an examination of conscience for those who are parenting.

Reading the book in one sitting helped me to grasp the main point. I will reread it with my husband in our prayer time to apply in order to apply it to our lives in ministry.

Thank you so kindly for being bold enough to speak the truth in love, for unveil the fog of blindness and teaching parent to be the Shepherds of their flock. This gives their children footsteps to follow towards Jesus. There definitely needs to a follow up book for the parents.

What a great world it would be if all teens were taught to fail.

May God bless you. I will be writing a review for Amazon .


Ellen Mongan

Ellen Mongan, CatholicMom.com
Lorianne Rotz - Principal - St Mary Magdalen Catholic School

I just wanted to say thank you for a very enriching day for the kids! Although I know they will all process it in their own way, I know for certain each one of them will walk away a little different from when they left school this morning. I felt confident in the experience going in but at the end of the day, clearly saw the value and necessity of the time. It was exactly what I wanted for them. You guys did a great job tying it all together for them. Thank you!

Lorianne Rotz, St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School

Adventure Catholic showed me that I am a better leader than I give myself credit for and that it is up to me to make good decisions in my life and to help others make good decisions. When I put my mind to something that I want to achieve, it will become successful.

Sarah - 15, Student

Adventure Catholic showed me the power of people on a team working together to complete a common goal. If we worked together as Catholics and stood up for those that are unable to, we would have a different world to live in. I am going to remember this advice for future situations.

Paula - 14, Student

The lesson I will hold in my heart from Adventure Catholic is to not give up, no matter what happens in life, stay on God’s path and help others back on if they are ever off.

Billy - 13, Student


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