Jesus went into the desert for 40 days and nights to come to terms with His true calling and mission on Earth.  There He was given opportunity to challenge His human fullness with temptation and resistance to that temptation.

Spiritual and human formation begins with self reflection and challenge.  Formation training can be a difficult experience for many people at times as it causes one to recognize and come to terms with their own strengths and weaknesses through self-examination and peer encouragement.


Through self-examination of spirituality, learning how to speak the truth with love, and focusing on God, Adventure Catholic has designed a unique experience like no other.  High school age teens learn how to grow in knowledge of their Catholic faith, personal skill development, and spiritual growth.  They are also taught techniques on conflict resolution, and how to connect scripture to every day life.

It is through this every day connection to scripture that teens become actively engaged with God and with their faith.  This very important connection guides teens throughout their lives and keeps them connected as intentional disciples to the church.

Why is this better than other types of leadership training?

Let’s face it; most types of leadership training simply don’t work.  The unfortunate fact is that once people experience a type of leadership training that does not work for the particular situation they are in, they give up on the method and go right back to being a follower.

Adventure Catholic is different!  We have designed our training with our own unique “COPEC” method.  The COPEC method of leadership training is unique to Adventure Catholic and is very effective.


Through all the training we offer, we build a strong connection to scripture through Psalm 23 and teach teens to lead like the Shepherd intended them to lead.  They are taught to be servants and care for others, while being allowed to fail in their attempts at accomplishing tasks.

Being allowed to fail and understanding that the failure took place is one aspect teens rarely face.  In today’s world, teens are given trophies for just about everything.  They are not allowed to experience failure because most people offering leadership training try not to allow a failure to happen.  That is not the case with Adventure Catholic.

Adventure Catholic sets up opportunities to examine a failure and improve upon the weak areas that caused that failure.

More about the COPEC training method can be found in our book “Teaching Teens To Fail: The 5-Step Field Guide For Parenting Success”.