Adventure Catholic Retreat


This is the shortened version of our weekend long intensive retreat.

This retreat is perfect for schools, sports teams, youth groups, or any organization that is willing to take a step in the right direction. Learn that by serving one another, we actually strengthen ourselves. Some of the training points covered are:

  • Spiritual Self Examination
  • Expanded Team Building Exercises
  • Comprehensive Problem Solving
  • In-depth Communication Techniques
  • Philosophical Creative Thinking

Contact us for more information or to check scheduling availability for your retreat.

Being a leader is the way Jesus intended to spread the Good News of His Truth. At Adventure Catholic, we believe that creating strong leaders is a great way to help fulfill that vision. Our leadership retreats are fully customizable. The retreats listed on this web site are some of our most popular, but whatever the unique needs of your parish, team, or organization, we can create a custom retreat to meet those requirements.